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Chapter 3: Flight from the Shadow

For example, if you feel angry, what will you do? The mind will say: “Don’t be angry, take a vow.” What will you do? You will suppress it, and the more you suppress, the more the anger will move to the very roots of your being. Then you will not be sometimes angry and sometimes not angry; if you have suppressed too much you will be continuously angry, it will become your blood, it will be a poison all over. It will spread into all your relationships. Even if you are in love with someone, the anger will be there and the love will become violent. Even if you try to help somebody, in that help there will be poison because the poison is in you. And all your acts will carry it, they will reflect you. When you feel this again, the mind will say: “You have not been suppressing enough, suppress more.” But anger is there because of suppression, and the mind says: “Suppress it more!” Then there will be more anger.

Your mind is sexual because of suppression and the mind says: “Suppress it more, find new methods and ways and means to suppress it more so brahmacharya will flower.” But it cannot flower that way. Through suppression sex not only goes into the body, it goes into the mind, it becomes cerebral. Then a person goes on thinking about it, again and again; hence so much pornographic literature in the world.

Why do people like to see pictures of naked women? Are women not enough? They are, they are more than enough! So what is the need? The picture is always more sexual than a real woman. A real woman has a body and a shadow, and her footsteps will be there, and sound will be created. A photograph is a dream: it is absolutely mental, cerebral, and it has no shadow.

A real woman will perspire and there will be a smell of the body; a picture never perspires, and there is no smell of the body. A real woman will be angry; a picture is never angry. A real woman will age, will become old; a picture always remains young and fresh. A picture is just mental. Those who suppress sex in the body become mentally sexual. Then their mind moves in sexuality, and then it is a disease.

If you feel hungry it is okay, eat. But if you think about food continuously then it is an obsession and a disease. When you feel hungry it is okay if you eat and are finished with it. But you are never finished with anything, and everything goes into the mind.

Mulla Nasruddin’s wife was ill and she had been operated on. She had come back home from the hospital a few days before, so I asked, “How is your wife? Has she recovered from the operation?”

He said, “No, she is still talking about it.”

If you are thinking about something, talking about something, it is there. And now it is more dangerous because the body will recover, but the mind can go on and on and on - ad infinitum. The body may recover, but the mind will never recover.

If you suppress hunger in the body, it goes into the mind. The problem has not been thrown out, it has been pushed in. Suppress anything and it goes to the roots. Then the mind will say that if you are not succeeding, something is wrong, you are not making enough effort. Make more effort.

The method he hit upon was to run away from them.

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