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Chapter 29: Life - for the Sheer Joy of It

If for thirty years no children are born anywhere, if the birth control is total for thirty years, then we can reduce the population to one-fourth of what it is now.

One billion people can live on this earth really comfortably, richly. And there is no need for communism, there is no need for any revolution, there is no need for any classless society. People will be having so much that there is no need to hoard.

Rather than making life just hell, a small effort for thirty years and we can make it a paradise. And then it will be worth bringing children in a fresh world.

But right now is not the time.

Harley Soltiss*, our photographer, would like to know what time we could come to your house tomorrow to take a picture of you swimming.

Unfortunately, I am not swimming right now. I had some trouble with my ear and my doctors have stopped my swimming. So my swimming pool is empty, there is no water. If you want, I can swim, but the water is not there.

I am reminded of a story.

One rich man has made a very beautiful house, and he has made three swimming pools. And he used to take every visitor to show. And every visitor was surprised.

He said, “I can understand. One is for hot water, one is for cold water. But what is the third swimming pool?”

He said, “It is for those who cannot swim. There is no water in it*. But I have made arrangement for every guest who comes here.”

So the third type of swimming pool is there right now. But next time when you come. Okay?

Thank you, Osho.