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Chapter 4: Only You Are Responsible

You see these pyramids.? All these pyramids were created by the Jews. Even scientists today are puzzled how such huge stones were carried from miles away, because there was no quarry around; the quarries were miles away. How were such huge stones carried? There were no cranes; there was no technology possible. They were just carried by human beings, Jews. And then to put those stones on top of each other and to make a huge, sky-high pyramid was almost an impossible task. It was made possible by continually whipping the slaves.

So Jews carried the stones - one stone may have been carried by forty, fifty people - and all around them were Egyptians on horses continually beating them so that they wouldn’t stop. People were dying and being replaced immediately by other slaves. How many people died in creating one pyramid is difficult to calculate now. Millions of people died in creating those stupid pyramids, which are utterly meaningless.

But the ego of man: each Egyptian king and queen wanted his grave - those are graves - to be the biggest, the highest, the most precious. And each king and queen, because they were not certain that after their deaths their successors would make so much effort - and a pyramid is not made in one day; Rome may be made in one day, but pyramids are not made in one day.so each king and queen would make one. The moment they were enthroned they started digging their grave, preparing, because it would take thirty years, forty years, fifty years for the pyramid to be made. Millions of people would die.

Moses must have been a tremendously powerful leader that he convinced these slaves, “You can drop out of this slavery, you are not made for this. On the contrary, you are a master race; you are the chosen few of God.” This was such a great quantum leap - from being a slave to becoming a master race. Moses did a miracle! But it is easy to convince people, to give them dreams, beautiful dreams, to give them hope, to give them utopias - but to fulfill them is not so easy, and Moses recognized it very soon. He took the slaves out of Egypt, giving them the hope that, “soon we will reach our cherished land, Israel. There you will all be blissful and happy and you will have all the comforts.”

Forty years they wandered in the Middle East desert. There was no Israel. In those forty years of wandering they suffered more than they had ever suffered in Egypt. You will be surprised to know that out of four people, three people died. By the time Moses decided to stop near Jerusalem he had lost almost all the people; only one fourth of the original people were left. Forty years is a long time. The people who were young became old and died. In fact, these were new children who were born on the way and were now young people. They had no idea about Egypt, they had only seen the suffering of wandering in the desert.

If you have wandered in a desert you will understand what it means to wander for forty years without food, without water, just begging whenever you can find some people somewhere, some caravan, some oasis. People died of hunger, people died of thirst. People simply died because they were dragging themselves in the sands year after year. Forty years is a long time.

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