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Chapter 21: Something Deeper than the Mind

Good evening. Islam has offered it with the Koran, and Christianity with the Bible. What is your offer?

They have offered to you because they wanted to purchase you. It was an insult to your humanity.

The very effort to convert anybody is trespassing his spiritual territory. It is an effort to enslave you through some doctrines, logic, but basically it is not a spiritual endeavor, it is political, the politics of numbers.

I am not a politician, and I am not interested in converting anybody. I don’t have any religion to which I can convert you. I cannot give you anything that you have not already got.

So my approach is totally different. I take away from you that which you don’t have, but which you believe that you have - your ego, your desires, your jealousies, your anger, your cruelties - all that prevents you from finding your real treasure.

I want to take away these shadows from you which are not authentic, which have been imposed on you by others. You are a victim. And I want to give you nothing but your own being, which you have already got but you have forgotten it. All that I can do is to help you remember it.

I am reminded of a very famous parable..

There was, in Japan, a thief who was known all over the country as the master thief because he had never been caught. And he never stole anything from anybody without warning him ahead of time. Even the emperors, the great warriors, the samurai - he would inform them, “Tonight, be aware! I am coming.”

And still he was never caught. In fact, a time came when people started feeling proud that the master thief had chosen them. It was a great credit, because the master thief was not going to choose somebody ordinary.

The man was getting old. His son asked him, “Your whole life you have been one of the most famous men. Everybody knows that you are the master thief, but nobody has been able to catch you red-handed. Now you are old and some day you will die. Won’t you teach me your art?”

The old man said, “If it was an art I would have taught you already without your asking. It is neither a craft nor a skill nor an art - it is a knack. If you are willing, I am ready to give you a chance. Perhaps you can get hold of the knack.”

The young man was enthusiastic and he said, “I am absolutely ready.” But he was unaware of what was going to happen..

That very night the father said, “Then come and follow me.”

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