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Chapter 3: No Question, No Answer

Now the problem arises: if he is lying then what he is saying is not true; if he is not lying, then too what he is saying is not true - because one man from Sicily is not lying, is saying a truth. In either case it will be impossible to figure it out, where we stand. You ask, Devageet: “When I was clever, I was really stupid. Now I am no longer clever, but still feel stupid. In fact, this is a stupid letter.. Does that mean I am still clever?” Forget about it! You are in a beautiful mess - remain in it. There is no need to decide because we are not labeling people here, who is clever and who is stupid.

The whole effort here is: who lives in the mind and who lives out of the mind? The stupid and the clever both live in the mind, because both cleverness and stupidity are qualities of the mind. It does not matter whether you are clever or you are stupid. You are in the mind, that is the real thing. Slip out of the mind. Slip out of cleverness and stupidity both. And the best way to slip out is not to be bothered by these things because if you are bothered by these things you will remain entangled.

Slip out of the mind. Be a no-mind, neither clever nor stupid. Then you will know what truth is, then you will know what bliss is.

And the last question:

Are you really the first buddha who jokes?

I am not only the first buddha who jokes, but the last too.because I am going to tell all the jokes! I am not going to leave a single joke untold!

Enough for today.