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Chapter 10: Understanding Is Transcendence

But I said, “I was simply following your teaching.”

He said, “Teachings are not to be followed, they are to be taught!”

The mind cannot create a harmony; that is not in the nature of mind. Its nature is dialectical, discordant. But if you can go beyond mind suddenly all conflict, all friction disappears. Not that you have to do something, you simply become alert, whatever you are doing. It is no longer a question of inner or outer, it is a question of being aware. And with awareness, you cannot do anything wrong. That is impossible. Nobody has been able to manage it yet.

You have been asking about a Japanese farmer who has not been using any scientific technology in cultivating. He calls it no-cultivation. It is in tune with the Zen idea of effortless effort, of no drama. His cultivation is just an extension of a meditative state of consciousness. He has found harmony within himself, and he has found harmony with nature.

Once you have found harmony within yourself it is not difficult to find harmony with nature. You are part of nature. You are nature. Nature is bigger you; you are smaller nature. There is no difference, no demarcation line.

He used this insight in cultivation, without using any technological support. For twenty-five years he has been bringing up the highest crops in the whole of Japan, when others are using everything. He has slapped the face of man really badly; his small effort is not small. He has indicated a totally different approach to relating with life.

But your mind is not in any way in contact with harmony. It is shown in the question. You are asking, can this be done in business? Now, business is not nature. Can it be done in service? Service is not nature. You will create a great rift in yourself, you will create trouble.

If you are a government servant and you say, “I follow the philosophy of no-service, like no-cultivation,” you will be thrown out. And it will be very compassionate of your officers if they only throw you out; otherwise they would throw you into a madhouse. No-service? A railway driver saying, “No-driving”; an airplane pilot just in the middle of the air saying, “No-piloting; I am going to leave it to the harmony of nature, and now see the miracles.” You will see only dead bodies and a disaster, no miracle - because these things are not part of nature.

Yes, in gardening you can do it. In anything that is not man-made, that is not manufactured by man’s mind but is part of natural growth, it can be done. But before you can do it you have to be in a certain state of consciousness otherwise you are going to fail, even in cultivation.

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