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Chapter 7: A Man Who Loved Seagulls

And this is the secret of the whole of life: not only seagulls but happiness, meditation, ecstasy - they all come to you when you are in a total letgo, in a deeply friendly mood, in a loving attitude towards existence. When you are at the heart, they come. When you are persuading them, and you think that happiness is something like a right, that you have to pursue it, suddenly the seagulls of happiness are not descending. They will dance above your head but they will never come down to play with you, to move with you, to jump and hop! No, they will never become one with you. They will not descend into your being.

Yes, happiness is a seagull. Meditation also is a seagull. Ecstasy is also a seagull. Existence understands only letgo. If you are in a letgo, you will attain. You will attain to whatsoever this existence can give you - and it can give you infinite blessings, infinite benediction. It can give you total satiety, contentment. You can become a buddha.

Existence is ready to give, but you are not ready to take it, because you are thinking in terms of how to snatch it. Existence gives to you as gifts; you cannot snatch, you cannot conquer, you cannot achieve. You surrender, please. Please, be in a letgo.

All that is beautiful is like seagulls. Remember this: nothing can be done. The feast is already ready - you have been invited. You can enter from the front door. But you are foolish, you are trying to enter from the back door, and in existence there is no back door. You are trying to enter like a thief. The front door is open for you, and the host is waiting on the steps to receive you, and you are trying to enter from the back door like a thief.

Life has no back doors. You cannot steal life. You cannot be a thief. Life gives, and gives infinitely and gives unconditionally. You please be just in a letgo. Let the seagulls descend and play with you, and loiter with you on the seashore. Everything is ready. The feast, the host - everything is ready, just waiting for you to come in from the front door. Effort is not needed. Effort is the back door. Effortlessness is needed.

Don’t listen to Jefferson. Happiness is not a right, you cannot pursue it. You have to persuade it. It is like a shy woman: you have to court it, indirectly. You don’t go to a woman and say, “I would like to go to bed with you.” That is too direct, too insulting, too vulgar. Any worthwhile woman would slap your face. One has to be a little more subtle with a woman. One has to be a little more indirect.

Patience is needed. Poetry is needed. And even if you have the idea in your mind to go to bed, that will be a disturbance, that will create an unbridgeable gap. If the idea is not there then you simply enjoy being with this woman. One day you will go to bed with her, but that will happen. The seagulls will descend on you.

Let life happen, don’t try to force it. Through doing, only worthless things are achieved; through nondoing - all that is beautiful, all that is sacred, all that is divine.

Enough for today.