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Chapter 3: Total Effort or Surrender

It is not allowed for the first-degree lamas to touch a tree, because it has been observed that the tree dies. Even in the Himalayas, a Hindu sannyasin is not allowed to touch trees - they will die. He is a sucking phenomenon. This first-degree lama is not allowed to attend anybody’s marriage because he will become a destructive force. He is not allowed to bless anybody because he cannot bless. Even when he is blessing, he is sucking. You may not have known it: monasteries were created for these first-degree lamas, sannyasins, sadhus, so they can live in an enclosed world of their own, not allowed to move out. Unless they attain to the second degree they are not allowed to bless anybody.

The second-degree seeker, who has put in two-thirds of his being, becomes peaceful, calm. If you go near him, he flows in you, he shares. Now he is no longer a desert; now he is a green forest. Many things are coming up in him - silent, calm, tranquil. You will feel it. But this is also not the goal; many are stuck there. Just to be silent is not enough. What type of achievement is this? Just to be silent? It is like death - no movement, no activity. You are at peace of course, at home of course, but no celebration, no bliss.

A third-degree seeker, who puts his totality into it, attains to bliss. Bliss is a positive phenomenon; peace is just on the way. When bliss comes nearer you become peaceful. It is a distant influence of the bliss that is reaching near you. It is just like coming near a river: from a long distance you start feeling that the air is cooling, the quality of the greenery is changing. Trees are greener with more foliage. The air is cool. You have not yet seen the river, but the river is somewhere near, the source of water is somewhere near. When the source of life is somewhere near you become peaceful, but you have not attained yet - it is just on the way. Patanjali calls this man the madhya: the middle man.

He is also not the goal. Unless you can dance with ecstasy.. This man cannot dance, this man cannot sing, because singing will look like disturbing the peace, dancing will look foolish - what are you doing? This man can only sit like a dead statue - silent, of course, but not flowering; green, but the flowers have not happened yet: the final part has not descended.

Then there is the third-degree man, who can dance, who will look mad because he has got so much. He cannot contain it, and because he cannot contain it he will sing and he will dance and he will move and he will share, and wherever he can he will throw the seeds that are showering on him endlessly. This is the third-degree man.

Says Patanjali:

Success is nearest to those whose efforts are intense and sincere.

The chances of success vary according to the degree of effort.

Success is nearest to those whose efforts are intense and sincere. Your totality is needed. And remember, sincerity is a quality that happens whenever you are totally in something. But people are almost always wrong in their idea of sincerity, they think to be serious is sincere. To be serious is not to be sincere; sincerity is a quality which happens whenever you are in something totally. A child playing with his toys is sincere - totally in it, absorbed, nothing left behind, no holding back; he is not there really, only the play goes on.

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