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Chapter 3: Being Is Intrinsically Valuable

If you go to the physician, he can help - he can help you to get rid of your blindness. His medicines are not going to create the sunrise; his medicines are of no use as far as the sunrise is concerned. It happens on its own - it is already happening, happening every day - but it never happens to the blind person or to the person who is not blind yet keeps his eyes closed.

Your efforts will only open your eyes. And this is part of the opening of your eyes - to understand that enlightenment is acausal. But this is not yet your understanding, remember.

You say: “I have heard that enlightenment or the natural state of man is something acausal..”

You have heard it. It is not going to help you - unless you start feeling that it is acausal. And how are you going to feel that it is acausal? By making all possible efforts and failing again and again and again, one day suddenly the realization happens that efforts can’t make it. In that realization you don’t start thinking, “Why bother?” You don’t start thinking of stopping efforts. Efforts simply stop in that understanding. In that understanding efforts evaporate.

That’s how it happened to Gautam the Buddha. For six years he made all possible human efforts to achieve it, but because it is not an achievement he could not achieve it. And the more efforts he made, the more frustrated he became - obviously. If you don’t make any efforts for it you will not be frustrated, and when you make efforts with your total heart, it hurts to fail each time. He staked his whole life for it, and yet it was not happening. He was not holding anything back. If he had been holding anything back, then this understanding that happened to him would not have been possible - that all efforts are futile.

It happens only to those who are not holding anything back, when you have put all that you have at stake, when nothing is left behind, when you are utterly empty - you have emptied yourself totally - and it is not happening, then the understanding arises, “My efforts are futile. My efforts are ego efforts - the ego is futile. My efforts are my own mind games. The mind itself is the barrier.”

But this has to become your own experience. It is not going to help if you have heard it. You can hear great truths, but unless they arise in your own being they are not true. A heard truth is a lie; only an experienced truth is a truth. And only the experienced truth liberates. How will you experience it? You would like to have it without any efforts. You would like it to happen as it happened to Buddha - minus those six years that preceded it.

Those six years of tremendous effort are a must. Then one day suddenly, one evening when the sun was setting, the revelation happened to him: “My efforts cannot take me beyond myself.” This is so natural. It is like pulling yourself up by your own shoestrings - it is utterly futile. But how is one going to know it?

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