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Chapter 6: It Is All in Your Head

Religion is the art of dropping questions. So, good that now you don’t have any questions. I am happy, my blessings are with you. My hand is on your head. And be careful - sooner or later you will find only my hand is there, your head has disappeared! That is the whole effort. If you don’t believe me, you can ask Yatri, our cartoonist. A few days ago he made a beautiful cartoon for me. He has understood the point - that this is the whole magic.

If you allow me to put my hand on your head, beware. Sooner or later you will find only the hand is and the head is gone. I am trying to behead you. And once your head disappears, you have arrived home. Then there is nowhere to go.

It is all in your head - this going, searching, inquiring, questions, problems, believing this, not believing that, Islam, Hinduism, Christianity. This is all in your head. When the head disappears, you are suddenly there. The old man is there. The essential man is there. God is there.

Call it whatsoever you like.but there is no problem, there is no question. You are there full of wondering eyes. You are there, full of awe. Suddenly a tremendous “Aha!” arises in your being and spreads all over you and goes on spreading into the existence. This is what psychologists call the “Aha!” experience, the peak experience.

That’s what ecstasy is - such a great “Aha!” that you are completely dissolved into it. It becomes your very song, your celebration, your dance. Life is a mystery to be lived, not a problem to be solved. Life is a mystery to be lost in, not a problem to be handled.

Good that you are becoming more and more capable of not asking questions. But I can understand the puzzlement.

“Some months ago when I left you for the first time, I was feeling strong, excited, confident.and yet all my time I was asking questions, trying to find a solution.”

When for the first time you come to me, you start feeling very strong, because whatsoever you hear from me, your ego feeds on it. You start feeling very confident, very superior. You start feeling that you know, that you are somebody. Those are the honeymoon days. If you want to remain in that honeymoon, never come back again. Once is good, twice is dangerous. Thrice - and you are finished!

When you listen to me for the first time, you listen as you can listen. You don’t know how to listen. Your whole life has been nothing but an effort to enhance the ego - so whatsoever you get goes on enhancing the ego. If you get money, your ego immediately exploits it. If you get knowledge, your ego jumps on it and becomes more knowledgeable. If you succeed in anything, the ego.. Whatsoever you do, the ego goes on absorbing everything that comes to it. It goes on eating it, and goes on becoming bigger and bigger.

When you come to me for the first time and take sannyas, I know very well the ego will jump on it also. It is its old habit, you have trained the ego for it. But this time it is getting into danger, because sannyas is like poison to the ego. It jumps on it - as it has been jumping on everything.

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