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Chapter 13: Design within Design

Her idea was that if her husband would be praying on the rug five times a day - how long could he go on missing? That’s why I go on speaking every day. How long can you go on missing? Your head will be touching every day, every day; one day or other you will start looking at the design - “What is the matter? What is going on?” One day you will become alert and awake.

“I am a metal worker and this design looked to me like the inside of a lock. I designed the plan of the artifacts to obtain the materials to make the key - and I escaped.”
”That,” said the naqshbandi Sufi, “is one of the ways in which man may make his escape from the tyranny of his captivity.”

The captivity is of our own making. It is our ego - and we can drop it.

So meditate over these three words: islam, iman, ihsan.

Enough for today.