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Chapter 4: Have a Cup of Tea

In the first place, you are closer to where you have come from. And for God nothing is impossible, because in the first place, he created you. And I am not there; otherwise it would be a very difficult thing. If ‘I’ am there I will harm you - the ego can only harm. Experts can only destroy, they cannot fix you. You have been with many experts and they have done every type of harm that was possible; now you are beyond repair. But the river can fall in the ocean, and suddenly the melody arises. A music will come out of you, a music that you have not heard. It is just hidden in you - the ego just has to be put out of the way.

I have heard: a school teacher was asking his first-graders, “How do you help your family at home?”

One small boy said, “I fix my bed myself.”

Another said, “I clean dishes” - and so on and so forth.

But then the teacher saw that one small boy, Johnny, had not answered. So he asked, “Johnny, what do you do?”

Johnny hesitated a moment and then he said, “Mostly, I keep out of the way.”

Just keep yourself out of the way that’s all! Don’t come in between me and you, just keep out of the way. Even if you keep yourself out of the way for a single moment the thing will have happened. The old dies, the new is born.

Enough for today.