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Chapter 10: You Are Blessed

A Taoist is a man who does only that which is absolutely necessary. His life is almost like a telegram. When you go to the Post Office you don’t write a long letter when you are giving a telegraphic message. You go on cutting words, this and this can be dropped and then you come to ten or nine or whatsoever. If you write a letter you will never write only ten words. And have you watched the thing? A telegram is more expressive than all letters. It says much more in very few words. The unnecessary is dropped, only the most necessary is there. A Taoist is telegraphic, his life is like a telegram. The obsessive, the unnecessary, the feverish, has been dropped. He does only that which is absolutely necessary. And let me tell you that the absolutely necessary is so little that you will see a Taoist almost as if he were lazy.

But remember, I am not praising laziness. I am simply condemning the egoistic attitude. Against ego - I am for laziness. But I am not for laziness itself; it should be full of awareness. Then you pass from activity and from laziness both. Then you become transcendental. You are neither active, nor inactive; you are centered. Whatsoever is needed you do it, whatsoever is not needed you don’t do it. You are neither a doer nor a non-doer. Doing is no more your focus. You are a consciousness.

So please don’t take whatsoever I have said in the sense that I am helping you to be lazy. To be really lazy means not to be inactive, but to be so full of energy that you are a reservoir of energy. Lazy as far as the world is concerned, but tremendously dynamic inside, not dull.

A Taoist is lazy from the outside; from the inside he has become a river-like phenomenon, he is continuously flowing towards the ocean. He has dropped many activities because they were unnecessarily leaking his energy. The danger is always there - in whatsoever I say there is danger - the danger of interpretation. If I say ‘Be active,” there is the possibility that you will become egoists. If I say “Be inactive,” there is the possibility that you may become dull. Man is very cunning.

I have heard..

He was the kind of a guy who would bet on anything - provided he was sure of winning. ‘”’ll bet my wife’s first words will be ‘my dear’ when I get home” he said to Lucky.

Lucky took him up on it. He knew his wife very well and she would be the last woman in the world to say “my dear.”

Must have been like Anand Prem.

Lucky took him up on it and they bet a hundred dollars. When they got to the sport’s house he stuck his head in the door and called “My dear, I’m home.”

“ ‘My dear’ be hanged!” roared his wife. “Wait till I get you inside!”

And he looked at Lucky and said, “Give me a hundred dollars. Didn’t I tell you that the first words she would ever utter would be ‘my dear’?”