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Chapter 23: No Beginning - No End

This is the ugliest part in it. If some disciple had written it, it would have been understandable - his gratitude. But the gurus, the so-called masters are writing these lines and they have been perpetuated for centuries. Nobody has even questioned that this self-appraisal is simply ugly, disgusting.

I have heard that one day Mulla Nasruddin came into the restaurant and declared, “My wife is the most beautiful woman in the world.”

Everybody was shocked, everybody knew his wife.he himself knew it.

People gathered around him and said, “Mulla, have you had a revelation? Who told you? Has she been chosen Miss Universe? What has happened that you have to declare?”

He said, “She has not been chosen, she has told me herself. I am a faithful servant. Whatever she says I believe it. She said that she is the most beautiful woman, and I said, perfectly right; I will go and tell my friends.”

The seers themselves are saying to you that they are better than Brahma, better than Vishnu, better than Mahesh, because those gods have only one quality each and they have all the three qualities together.

It is possible for a disciple who loves the master to call him God, because he has seen something of godliness for the first time in his life. But if the master himself declares that he is the god then it is ridiculous. Then it is not worth consideration at all.

Those seers are simply being stupid. This kind of statement makes one think that they must have been idiotic. This is so egoistic - you cannot find any other statement which is more egoistic. These are the people who are teaching everybody to drop the ego, and they are the biggest egoists in the world.

I would like to say to you that any master who claims that you have to worship him is no longer considered to be a master. A real master can only be a friend, not a god.

It is possible for the disciple to feel the godliness of the master - that is another matter.

What of Jaina and Sufi religions - is there any genuine master in the present moment anywhere in the world?
Please give some light on this matter.

Can’t you see the light?