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Chapter 13: Health Is a Function of Love

Once you have a small community of people living together, you should not try to assimilate too many new people at one time; just one, or at the most, two new people at a time. Once they are absorbed and have become part of the family then more can be invited in. The community should always be a force; if many people come, more than the number of residents, they could overrun and destroy the community.

Whenever you feel that somebody is a destructive force, immediately tell him to leave. There is no need to condemn him; simply say, “We don’t fit.” Don’t waste time and don’t hope against hope that he will change and everything will be okay. In the time he is able to be there he may create a disturbance in others also, because everybody is so egoistic that to live in a community is a great sacrifice of their ego. So once somebody comes, an egoist, and he starts creating trouble, others will also find ways and means to assert their egos too.

Once the community has become grounded, you can afford a few egoists too. They are good, they add a little spice!

Go and find a place!


I was feeling very good after the camp, and I thought I was getting along fine, but now it seems I’ve got all sorts of energy blocks and suppressions, and all sorts of terrible things. I was given to feel this by the group. I just didn’t feel part of the group at all.I just couldn’t come in contact with anything inside me.

No, it didn’t go well . . . His [Satprem’s] energy has to get settled with me. It is not a question of something between you and Satprem - it is more a question between him and me.

He is still fighting with me, and that fight will create a subtle fight with you. Once he relaxes with me, he will be completely flowing with you, and you will be flowing with him. It’s natural; he is new, and a group leader - a little toughie.

Things will settle within two or three days. Sometimes a little unsettling is good too!