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Chapter 4: Be a Light unto Yourself

If I say something and you believe in it, it is not going to help. If I say something and you search and you surrender and you trust, then you also experience the same - then it has become a light unto yourself. Otherwise my words will remain words; at the most they can become beliefs. Unless you experience the truth of them they cannot become trust, they cannot become your own truth. My truth cannot be yours, otherwise it would have been very cheap. If my truth could be yours then there would be no problem.

That is the difference between a scientific truth and a religious truth. A scientific truth can be borrowed. A scientific truth, once known, becomes everybody else’s property. Albert Einstein discovered the theory of relativity. Now there is no need for everybody to discover it again and again and again. That would be foolish. Once discovered, it has become public. Now it is everybody’s theory. Once discovered, once proved, now even a schoolchild can learn it. Now no genius is needed: you need not be an Albert Einstein, just a mediocre mind will do, just an ordinary mind will do. You can understand it and it is yours. Of course, Einstein had to work for years, then he was able to discover it. You need not work. If you are ready to understand and put your mind to it, in just a few hours you will understand.

But the same is not true about religious truth. Buddha discovered, Christ discovered, Nanak and Kabir discovered, but their discovery cannot become your discovery. You will have to rediscover it again. You will have to move again from ABC, you cannot just believe in them. That won’t help. But that is what humanity has been doing: mistaking religious truth for scientific truth. It is not scientific truth, it can never become public property. Each individual has to come to it alone, each individual has to come to it again and again. It can never become available in the market. You will have to pass through the hardship; you will have to seek and search, you will have to follow the same path. A shortcut cannot even be made. You will have to pass through the same austerities as Buddha, the same difficulties as the Buddha, and you will have to suffer the same calamities on the path as the Buddha and you will have to be in the same hazards as the Buddha. And one day, when the clouds disappear, you will dance and be as ecstatic as the Buddha.

Of course, when an Archimedes discovers, he runs naked in the streets: “Eureka! I have found it!” You can understand Archimedes within minutes, within seconds, but you will not be ecstatic; otherwise every schoolchild would run naked in the streets, crying, “Eureka!” Nobody has done that since Archimedes did it; it happened only once. For Archimedes it was a discovery, since then it has become public property.

But it is good that the religious truth cannot be transferred to you, otherwise you would never achieve the same ecstasy as Buddha or Jesus or Krishna, never, because you would learn it in a school textbook. Any fool could transfer it to you. Then the whole orgasmic experience will be lost.

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