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Chapter 4: Reflections in a Mirror

Truth is liberating. If we come to know the truth of our body, our mind starts becoming free of it. Lack of truth is bondage. Whatever we do not know in its reality becomes a bondage.

O seeker of the truth! By knowing the oneness of the soul and the supreme soul, just like the oneness of ghatakash, the sky within a pot, and mahakash, the sky without a pot, undividedly be always peaceful.

When the futility of the body is seen and the worthlessness of the body is realized, the body feels to be a heap of filth and pus. And when the distance from the body begins to increase, then only the nearness with God begins to develop. The nearer one is to the body, the farther away from God; the farther away from the body, the nearer one is to God. The stronger our bond with the body, the greater the distance from that bodiless consciousness. When the bond becomes less and when distance from the body starts growing, this has only one meaning - that closeness with the soul is increasing.

The soul is one pole and the body the other: we are between the two. When we are too close to the body we are far away from the soul; as we start moving away from the body we are coming closer to the soul. This is why the act of moving away from the body has been taken as a process of meditation. This was very much misunderstood also.

When the Indian scriptures were first translated into Western languages, people thought that these scriptures were enemies of the body. But it is not so. They are only devices. Knowing the reality of the body, our consciousness immediately moves on to the journey within. Realizing the actual truth about the body, the connection with the body loosens. In order to loosen that connection, it is necessary to intensify this realization.

Reflections on death, contemplation on the realities of the body, uncovering the actualities of the body and seeing them clearly - these are methods of meditation. Through them a person begins to move withinwards. And that moving happens easily, there is no effort required for that. If you want to move withinwards without understanding the body it will be very difficult, because the mind will remain interested in and bonded with the body.

One of Buddha’s bhikkhus is passing through a village. He is very handsome, and meditation has added a dignity, a grace to his beauty. Silence has crystallized within him and its rays are emanating from his eyes and his face. An aura of light has graced him. One very famous prostitute sees him and is enamored of him. Rabindranath Tagore has written a beautiful poem about this event.

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