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Chapter 44: The Spontaneous Source

But all those who are suffering from insomnia are unfortunately not enlightened. They are Americans, where enlightenment seems to be the most difficult thing. Up to now not a single name can be mentioned from America who was an enlightened man. A few people came close but they were people from the world of art - Walt Whitman, Emerson, Henry Thoreau. They were just on the borderline and they never crossed that line.

But these people who cannot sleep are really suffering badly because in their life there is nothing - no meaning; all hypocrisy. “Socializing,” they call it. And then in the night they cannot even sleep. The day is useless; the night is useless - they have lost all touch with life. They should be helped.

There should be more meditation centers especially for people who are suffering from insomnia. And meditation will help them to relax. And when they come to meditate, then they should be told, “Alone meditation will not do; it is half of the work. Half you have to do - that is hard physical exercise.” And I think people are in such a suffering without sleep that they will be able to do anything that is suggested.

And hard work has a beauty of its own: chopping wood and perspiring, and a cool breeze comes.and there is such a beautiful feeling in the body, which a person who is not working hard cannot even understand. The poor man also has his luxuries. Only he knows about them.

During your beautiful talks I find myself listening to you with a sharp mind and an open heart at the same time. I feel an understanding coming up of what you are saying, but in the next moment - when another question is asked - I notice that my mind, which had been so sharp before, forgets all that you have just said. However a feeling as if I have been touched very deeply remains with me. I wonder about this.
Would you please help me to understand what is happening?

There is no need to remember what I say because I am not giving you a doctrine that you have to remember. What is important is that the feeling left in your heart, that you were touched, remains with you. That is significant - not what I say.

I say so many things only just to give you that feeling that your heart is touched. That’s why I always say my talking is totally different from anybody else’s in the whole history of man. They were talking to say something; I am talking to do something. They were talking to impart knowledge; I am talking to transform your heart.

There is no need to remember; otherwise you will go crazy. If you remember all these things that I am saying to you, you will certainly go crazy. Can’t you see me? I have gone crazy!

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