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Chapter 7: The Light of Consciousness

My Beloved Ones,

I have spoken about the outer aspects that are the foundations for meditation. Now I will talk about the central nature of meditation.

The basic foundation of meditation is to purify and experience the true nature of the body, the thoughts and the emotions. If even only this much happens your life will become very blissful. If even only this much happens your life becomes divine. If even only this much happens you will become connected with the beyond. But it will only be a meeting with the beyond, you have not yet merged with it. You have become connected with the beyond but have not yet become one with it. You are acquainted with the divine but you are not it. The foundation of purification will turn you towards the divine and focus your eyes on it, but it is the state of emptiness alone that will allow you to merge with the divine and become one with it.

In the beginning, at the periphery you come to know truth, at the center you become truth. So now I will talk about this second stage. I have called the first stage purification; I am calling this second stage emptiness. There are also three stages of this emptying: at the level of the body, the mind level and the emotional level.

Bodilessness is the opposite of identification with the body. You are identified with the body. You don’t feel “It is my body”; on the contrary, on some level you go on feeling that “I am the body.” If the feeling that you are the body disappears, then you will become bodiless. If your identification with the body is broken, bodilessness will happen.

When Alexander was returning from India he wanted to take a sannyasin back with him so that he could show people in Greece what an Indian sannyasin looks like. There were many sannyasins who were ready and eager to go. Who wouldn’t want to go when Alexander was inviting and greeting them with royal honors? But Alexander did not want to take just anyone who was eager, because one who was eager would not be a true sannyasin. He was looking for a sannyasin who had some authenticity.

When he was crossing the border regions, he found out about one particular sannyasin. People told him, “There is a sannyasin who lives on the bank of the river in the forest. You should take him with you.”

He went there. First he sent his soldiers to bring the sannyasin to him. The soldiers went to the sannyasin and said, “You are fortunate! Thousands of other sannyasins have begged Alexander to take them but he did not choose any of them. Now the great Alexander has showered his favor on you and he wants you to go with him. You will be taken to Greece in royal style.”

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