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Chapter 5: In Deep Patience

So they said, “Tell him to jump from this hill into the valley. If he jumps, then he is surrendered. If he doesn’t jump, then he is deceiving.” In both ways they were thinking that they were going to be the winners. If he jumped he would be dead; if he didn’t jump he would be thrown out of the ashram.

But they didn’t know Marpa - he simply jumped. And they were wonderstruck. He jumped - and then he was sitting in the valley! So when they reached him they could not believe it; even the master could not believe that this could happen. So he thought, “It must have been just an accident that he is saved.”

He asked Marpa, “How did it happen?”

He said, “I don’t know. You must know; I have surrendered to you. Now it is up to you. I don’t know what has happened - but a miracle has happened. You have done this!”

The master knew well that he had not done anything - he did not know any a b c - this must have been by accident. So another situation had to be created.

Then they saw a house that was on fire, so they said, “Enter!” Marpa entered immediately. The whole house burned, and they could not know what had happened until the fire disappeared.

Then they went inside. All over the place everything was burned, everything was destroyed and Marpa was sitting in meditation, not even perspiring. So the master asked, “Marpa, how did you do it again?”

He said, “I don’t know, master. It is you. And my trust is growing; you are a miracle!”

But it is possible that even an accident can happen a second time, improbabilities are also possible. So they thought, “It has to be tried again, a third time.” So they told Marpa to walk on a river. The river was in flood and they said, “Walk on water!” And Marpa walked.

When Marpa was walking and was just in midstream, the master thought, “It seems as if I am doing something, because how can this happen? It must be my power.” He thought, “If just by surrendering to me Marpa can walk on water, why cannot I walk?” So he started walking - and he was drowned.

No one has ever heard about what happened to that master, but Marpa became enlightened.

So it is not a question of the master, it is a question of your totality. Even with a pseudo-master you can become enlightened. And the reverse is also true: even with an enlightened master you may remain ignorant. Remember, my emphasis is on you. That’s why I never say: Don’t go to Sai Baba, or: Don’t go to Bapak Subud. That is immaterial. Go anywhere. Go totally.

The second question:

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