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Chapter 2: The Meaning of Maturity

Shocked, I said, “Died?”

“Died,” he repeated with emphasis, “and broke his glasses too!”

The immature mind is more interested in glasses than in life and death and love, more interested in things, houses, cars. When I tell you that you have an immature mind, I mean you are still interested in that which is worthless, nonessential. At the most it can be used, at the most it can become a decoration in life, but it cannot replace life, it cannot be a substitute for life, it cannot become life itself. And there are many people who have made it a life.

I know a few rich people who live such beggarly lives, one cannot imagine it.

I used to know a man in Delhi who had six bungalows, all out on rent, and he lived in a small dark cell with no children and no wife.

I asked him once, “You have enough. Why do you go on living in this small dark cell? Why have you imposed this imprisonment upon yourself? What penance are you doing?”

He said, “None. I have always lived this way and it is perfectly beautiful. And people are living in those six bungalows.”

He goes to those bungalows only to collect rent.

I asked him, “Why have you never married?”

“I am a poor man and women are very costly. I could not afford it,” he said.

If you meet that man you will not be able to recognize that he owns six big houses and earns a lot of money. What has happened to this man? He is more interested in money than he is in himself; he is more interested in money than he is in love; he is more interested in the power that money brings - but he has never shared anything with anybody.

These people are not rare, they are very common. And everybody has such a tendency inside. And people go on rationalizing. That man is very clever. He says, “This is not miserliness. Please don’t misunderstand me. I am a simple man, I live a simple life. I am a religious man, and a simple life is beautiful.”

If you are too interested in things, you are immature. Shift your attention. Become more and more interested in people rather than in yourself.

I have a sannyasin here. She always falls in love with beggarly people and she is tremendously rich.

Just a few days before, she came and asked, “Why, Osho, do I go on falling in love with beggarly people, people who are almost on the street?”

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