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Chapter 16: It Is Already the Best

You are unnecessarily getting into trouble; you are trying something absurd. You are trying to pull yourself by your own shoestrings. You will feel helpless - you cannot do it. You are like a dog chasing its own tail; it is not possible. The faster the dog will jump, the faster the tail will also move away. It will drive the dog crazy!

It is said that if you want a philosopher to remain engaged, just give him a piece of paper and on both the sides write PTO, so he will look on this side and then turn it over, and then PTO again is there, so he will turn it over.and he will go crazy - but he will remain occupied!

You are being too much philosophical. You ask me:

“You say that emptiness is bliss.”

I don’t say - it is so! Aes dhammo sanantano. And what you are saying, you are saying. I am not saying, “Emptiness is bliss.” What can I do? It is! It is my experience, and what you are saying is simply a statement without any experience. You have not experienced emptiness, but now see what a great problem you have made out of something which you have not experienced.

You say: “For me it seems to be dull and boring.”

As if you have experienced it! Think over the matter again. Have you ever experienced emptiness? And in emptiness how can there be boredom? If there is boredom it is not empty - it is full of boredom! It there is dullness it is not empty; the mind is there feeling dull, feeling bored. Emptiness cannot be boring, it cannot be dull. Emptiness is simply empty - of everything. You cannot say anything about it. But you have not experienced it, you have just thought about it.

Yes, if you think about emptiness it will look boring, it will look dull, it will look dead. But the people who have experienced it - Buddha, Jesus, Zarathustra, Lao Tzu, Chuang Tzu, Mahavira, Bodhidharma, Bahauddin, Nanak, Kabir - not a single person has said that it is boring. You are really an exception! If you have experienced it then you are denying all the awakened people - but you have not experienced it at all. I can say it because I know what emptiness is.

When I say emptiness is bliss I am not saying that emptiness is full of bliss - don’t misunderstand me. “Emptiness is bliss” is simply making you aware of their synonymousness. You can call it empty or you can call it bliss; both the words are synonymous. Emptiness is bliss because there is nothing which can bore you, which can make you feel dull, which can create anxiety, which can make you afraid, which can create anguish. There is nothing at all! Because there is nothing, the whole mind has gone, that state is called bliss. One can call it emptiness, one can call it bliss; these are just two expressions for the same phenomenon.

And, Alexander, don’t be a coward. You have such a great name - Alexander - don’t be a coward! But Alexander himself was a coward in this sense. He was told by Diogenes, one of the greatest mystics of his time that, “Stop this foolish effort to conquer the world. Look at me! Without conquering the world I have conquered!”

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