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Chapter 6: Now Is the Only Real Time

Unless you are in love with a master, you will not allow him to wake you up - unless the love is so great that you can risk all. Once you are awake you will thank him, but before you are awake you will be angry many times. It is happening every day here. I go on shaking you, shocking you. I say so many things.the purpose is basically to shock you, the purpose is to somehow make it impossible for you to go on sleeping, to go on dreaming. All the methods that we use here are not methods to attain to truth - no, not at all. There is no method to attain to truth. All those methods are nothing but efforts to wake you up, to bring you back home, where you really are. They are only to destroy your dream.

Sannyas is renouncing your dreams, renouncing your sleep. But this is possible only if you love the man, if you love the master so much that you say, “Okay, if he is going to hell, we are going with him. Hell will be heaven with him. Without him we are not going to heaven.” Only then can you be awakened. Don’t ask for any way.

That’s why Jesus says a very strange statement: “I am the way.” And Christians have missed the point; they have interpreted it in such a way that the whole thing has gone wrong. When Jesus says, “I am the way,” he is simply saying, “Meet a master and fall in love. Follow a master.” He is not saying anything about Jesus, he is simply saying to his disciples, “I am the way. Fall in love with me so that I can awaken you, because you will be able to bear awareness only if you are in tremendous love; otherwise, you will not be able to forgive the man, and you will want to fall asleep again and you will start dreaming again.” When Jesus says, “I am the way” his “I” contains all the masters of the world - past, present, future. That “I” has nothing to do with Jesus as such, that “I” is the “I” of all the masters.

It is exactly what Krishna said to Arjuna his disciple, “Leave all aside. Come to my feet - surrender to me.” That’s all. One starts thinking, “How can it be so easy?” It is easy because you have never left the place. It is easy because you are already there.

The master is not giving anything. He is simply taking away that which you don’t have and he is giving you that which you already have. The work of the master is almost like magic. That’s why in the old days the master was thought to be a magician. He takes away things which you don’t have and he gives you things which you already have - this is magic.

Don’t ask for a way. I am the way. Look into my eyes. Get into this enchanted space that I am. Yes, it is an enchanted space. Martin Heidegger calls it “enchanted regioning,” not just region but “regioning,” because region makes it look static and it is dynamic. That’s why he does not call it space, because space seems static. And it is not a noun, it is a verb - a living verb.

A master is a dynamo. A master is a flow, an overflow, a river. Get into it. And you need not even swim, the river is already moving. You can just relax with the river, and one day you will find that you have arrived. And that day can be this moment - it all depends on your courage, on the intensity of your love.

There is no need for any way. And if you try to find a way, you will find not one, you will find many - and you will be distracted by all those ways for millions of lives. You try one way then it fails, then you try another way and that fails, and you try another.. And they are all bound to fail, they are doomed to fail because you are trying to do something which is absolutely absurd.

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