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Chapter 6: Now Is Not Part of Time

The flower’s roots are in the body, and the flower’s fragrance and the petals are in the soul. It is a link. But if you are afraid and you don’t go there, it feels like a knot, a tension, a stress.

“I am so scared of death and dying. I get so freaked out.” there is no need to freak out; freak in. It’s perfectly natural that when somebody dies, somebody is hospitalized again and again, again and again you remember your death. Nothing is wrong in it.

I have heard..

A beatnik visited a psychiatrist and pleaded, “You have got to help me.”

“What is your problem?” asked the head shrinker.

“Lately,” said the beat, “I have had the most compelling desire to shave and shower.”

Now if you don’t shower and you don’t shave, one day or other there is going to be a very compelling desire to shave and shower. It is not a problem; just go and take a shower. You are avoiding death. It has to be faced, it is part of life’s work. It is one of the greatest lessons one has to learn. There is no need to be freaking out; that is not going to help. Go in, face it. Remember that yes, one day or other you will be hospitalized, one day or other you will be ill, and one day or other, you are going to die. So there is no point in postponing it. It is better to understand it before it is too late.

Mulla Nasruddin got sick and worriedly sent a hurried call for the priest, and insisted that he call on him every day to groom his neglected soul for the hereafter.

Once when the priest made his daily call, he found Mulla Nasruddin in high spirits.

“I am getting along fine, sir,” chortled Nasruddin. “My doctor says I’ll live another ten years, you don’t need to come back for a while. But how about dropping in again in about nine years, eleven months and twenty-nine days?”

One day it has to be faced. Don’t be foolish; don’t postpone it. Because if you postpone it to the very end, it will be too late. It is not certain when the last day will happen. It can happen today, it can happen tomorrow, it can happen any moment. Death is very unpredictable.

We live in death, so any moment it can happen. Face it, encounter it, and that knot in the stomach is the right place to encounter it. That is the very door from where you enter into life and from where you go out of life.

The last question: