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Chapter 19: Hell Hath No Fury like a Christian Scorned

So anything that has been given to you by birth is ugly, whether it is Christianity, or Hinduism, or Jainism or Buddhism; anything that is given to you by birth, drop it.

Search for yourself.

Be adult, come of age.

Only then, perhaps, will we be able to free people from their imprisonments.

And if all the intelligent people are outside the cages, I have every certainty that many retarded people will start having second thoughts. They won’t be Bible-bashing or Bible-thrashing Christians. They won’t be angry if something against them is proposed. They will not be ready immediately to cut off your head or shoot you, if you are saying something against their ideology.

A religious person remains open to the very last moment, to his death; to the very last breath he is open.

That is a basic and absolute quality for a religious man: to remain always open - because who knows, tomorrow a few other facts may encounter you and you will have to change your whole idea of existence, of life.

Nobody knows what tomorrow is going to reveal.

The revelations are not in the Bible or in the Koran.

The revelations are in life.

And every moment is a revelation if you are open.

But if you are closed then you are dead. The day you become closed, you become dead.

There are dead Christians, there are dead Hindus, there are dead Mohammedans; the earth is so full of dead people - but they are walking, talking, teaching, converting, doing all kinds of things. But as I see it, rarely is there a living being amongst them, very rarely somebody who is still alive.

I call that man alive who is always open, who never closes the windows and the doors of his being, because tomorrow is unpredictable.

All that we can say is: “Up to now this is my experience; tomorrow will take care of itself”