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Chapter 22: Nothing Is Achieved without Danger

I can see you because you are separate from me. I can see my thoughts moving in the mind because they are separate from me. I can close my eyes and see my heart beating because it is separate from me. I can see everything - except myself. I can see everything except myself because my subjectivity cannot be reduced to objectivity. I cannot make an object of my own self. Who will see it then? And if someone is seeing it, the someone who is seeing it is me - not the one which has become the object.

If you can encounter death, if you can see death within, you have transcended it. Now death is not for you. And both life and death can be encountered, both forces can be encountered. Hate and love - all the polar opposites can be encountered within. When you encounter them, you have transcended them. You have already transcended them in the very encounter. Now you are different from them. You are the witness.

That’s why I say that the danger is worthwhile. And when you come to a point deep in your meditation where you feel as if you are going to die - that the heart may stop at any moment - don’t be afraid. Remember that this is the moment for which you have been struggling for lives. Now don’t miss it. Enter it! Be ready, even if you feel you are going to die. Die! Say to death “I am ready now.” Surrender to it.

A single moment - and you will be different forever. You will have become deathless, or, something different both from what we call life and what we call death. That something, that X is the center - not only of you, but of the whole existence.