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Chapter 5: Follow No One but Yourself

If you are afraid of Krishna, so far so good. It means that Krishna is going to be of great help to you. He will help you to uncover, to expose yourselves, to understand yourselves and to make you once again natural and simple. Don’t resist him; don’t run away from him. Let him come into your life. Let him encounter you. In this encounter you have not to imitate him, you have only to understand him. And understanding him you will understand yourself. In the course of your encounter with Krishna you will come to encounter yourself, you will come to know who you are, what you are. Maybe you will come to know you are what Krishna is, what God is.

A friend came to me the other day and said, “Do you believe that Krishna had sixteen thousand wives?”

I told him, “Leave Krishna aside, think of yourself. Can you be satisfied with less than sixteen thousand women?”

He was a little startled and said, “What do you mean?”

I said, “Whether Krishna had sixteen thousand wives or not is not that important. What is important to know is that every man longs to have that large number of women, that less than that won’t do. And if I come to know for sure that Krishna had sixteen thousand wives, the man in me will immediately assert himself and begin to demand them too. And we are afraid of that man inside us, imprisoned in us. But it is no good fearing him and running away from him. He has to be encountered. He has to be known and understood.”

We will discuss it further tomorrow. Now prepare for meditation.