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Chapter 11: Choose the Eternal

You are building your cities, your houses, in a valley, and ordinary sleep alone is not enough for you. You also seek drugs to fall more asleep; you seek methods of hypnosis to become more sleepy, more unconscious; because consciousness is pain, it is anguish. Why is it anguish? And Buddha and Jesus say it is the greatest bliss that is possible! But for you, why is consciousness painful? And why do you want to forget everything? Why is consciousness painful?

It is painful if only one percent of you becomes conscious and ninety-nine percent of you remains unconscious, then that one percent suffers seeing the mess all around. Seeing that ninety-nine percent in a state of madness, that one percent of consciousness suffers, that one percent of consciousness seeks alcohol, drugs, LSD, marijuana or something else - sex or music or a mantra - to create an autohypnosis. So that one percent also falls back and becomes part of the whole. Then you are not worried because there is nobody to know, then there is nobody to be alert and conscious, then there is no problem.

This is what they call the logic of the ostrich. Whenever an ostrich finds that an enemy is coming he will hide his head in the sand. For the moment he cannot see, and his logic is, “When I cannot see the enemy, how can the enemy be there?” The ostrich seems to be a perfect atheist, for that is what atheists have been saying. They say, “If we cannot see God, how can he be there? Something exists only when we see it,” as if existence depends on your seeing; and if you don’t see then the thing disappears.

The ostrich hides his head, closes his eyes, and immediately he is unafraid because the enemy is no longer there. But the enemy does not believe in your logic. On the contrary, you are playing into his hands when your eyes are closed; you are playing into the hands of the enemy, on your own part you are becoming a victim. You could have escaped, but now there is no escape because you think there is no enemy. You may feel a momentary happiness because the enemy is not there; not that the enemy is not there, but because you feel as if he is not. That’s how you feel a momentary happiness when you become unconscious through drugs: no problems exist, all the enemies disappear; there is no anxiety because for anxiety you need to be alert, aware.

When one hundred percent of your being becomes conscious then there is bliss, because the conflict disappears; Buddha is right. You are also right because your experience says that the more you become alert, the more you feel the problems around you. So it is better to remain in a long slumber, in a lifelong sleep. That’s why we build our cities in the valleys, not on mountain-tops.

Then there is another reason.

A city being built on a high mountain and fortified, cannot fall nor can it ever be hidden.

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