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Chapter 1: The Hidden Harmony

Why is it a facade? - because you are avoiding the other. You say, “You are my friend and a friend cannot be an enemy. And you are my enemy, you cannot be my friend.” But these are two aspects of the same coin - the enemy is a hidden friend, and the friend is a hidden enemy. The other aspect is hidden, but it is there. But it will be too much for you. If you see both it will be unbearable. If you see the enemy in the friend you will not be able to love him. If you see the friend in the enemy you will not be able to hate him. The whole life will become a riddle.

Heraclitus is called “that Riddler.” He is not, he is true to life. Whatsoever it is, he simply reports it. He has no doctrine about life, he is not a system-maker - he is simply a mirror. Whatsoever life is he represents it. Your face changes, the mirror represents it; you are loving, the mirror represents it; next moment you become hateful, the mirror represents it. The mirror is not riddling, it is true.

Aristotle is not like a mirror, he is like a dead photograph. It doesn’t change, it doesn’t move with life. That’s why Aristotle says there is some defect in this man Heraclitus, some defect in his very character. For Aristotle mind should be clear, systematic, rational; logic should be the goal of life and you should not mix the opposites. But who is mixing them? Heraclitus is not mixing them. They are there, mixed. Heraclitus is not responsible for them. And how can you separate them if they are mixed in life itself? Yes, in your books you can try, but your books will be false. A logical statement is basically going to be false because it cannot be a life statement. And a life statement is going to be illogical because life exists through contradictions.

Look at life: everywhere there is contradiction. But nothing is wrong in contradiction, it is just because it is unbearable for your logical mind. If you attain to a mystic insight it becomes beautiful. Really, beauty cannot exist without it. If you cannot hate the same person you love there will be no tension in your love. It will be a dead thing. There will be no polarity; everything will go stale. What happens? If you love a person, in the morning you love and by the afternoon it has become hate. Why? What is the reason for it? Why is it so in life?.Because when you hate, you separate; the initial distance is again regained. Before you fell in love you were two separate individuals. When you fell in love you became a unity, you became a community.

You must understand this word community. It is very beautiful; it means common unity. You became a community, you attained to a common unity. Community is beautiful for a few moments, but then it looks like slavery. To attain to common unity for a few moments is beautiful, it leads to a height, to a peak - but you cannot live on the peak for ever. Then who will live in the valley? And the peak is beautiful only because the valley is there. If you cannot move to the valley again, the peak will lose all its peakness. It is against the valley that it is a peak. If you make a house there you will forget that this is a peak - the whole beauty of love will be lost.

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