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Chapter 4: Dying into the Master

I use words, but I am not a man of words. It is just out of sheer necessity: it is because of you that I have to use words, because you won’t understand the wordless. I am waiting eagerly for the day when I will be able to drop words. I am utterly tired.because words can’t convey that which I am and I have to go on trying to do something which is not possible.

Get ready soon so that we can sit in silence and listen to the birds or to the wind in the trees. Just sitting silently doing nothing, the spring comes and the grass grows by itself. That is going to be my ultimate message and my final work on the earth.

You say, “I thought that’s what being enlightened is about: knowing.”

You cannot think anything about enlightenment, and whatsoever you think is bound to be wrong. It has nothing to do with knowing; it is a state of not knowing. “But you don’t know about women and that they trust precisely because they know each other’s heart.”

I know about nothing. What to say about women? - I don’t even know about men! So don’t be worried about that. If you know what a woman is or what a man is, beware of your knowledge, because that is not real knowing; it is just opinion that you have gathered.

Yes, man has been propagating ideas against women; now women are propagating ideas against men. It is the same foolish thing! And we go on doing this: we go on moving from one extreme to another extreme. Now, you say: “Women’s hate for women is a male myth invented to keep women separate and powerless.”

Man has created many myths about women, but now the women are doing the same. They are creating myths about men which are as false as man’s myths about women. But I am not here to decide which myth is right and which myth is wrong. I am not here to make you a propagandist for women or against women. My work consists in freeing you from man/woman duality.

And now you say: “Who wants to be a man?”

Judy, if you really don’t want to be a man you would not have written this. It is just like the ancient parable of the fox who was trying to reach the grapes and could not reach: the grapes were too high. She tried and tried, and failed again and again. Then she looked around - foxes are very cunning people - to see if anybody was watching, any journalist, any photographer. There was nobody, so she walked away.

But a small hare was hiding in a bush. He said, “Auntie, what happened?”

The fox puffed her chest up as big as she could and said, “Nothing. Those grapes are not worthwhile. They are not ripe yet - they are sour.”

Why should you write: “Who wants to be a man?”

Deep down somewhere you must be hankering to be a man. Every man wants to be a woman, every woman wants to be a man, for the simple reason that every man is both - man/woman - and every woman is both - woman/man. You are born out of the meeting of male and female energies; half of you belongs to your father and half of you belongs to your mother. You are a meeting of two polar opposites, two energies.

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