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Chapter 24: Sex and Death: Two Poles of One Energy

The idea has a great potentiality in it. But as far as man is concerned, he cannot do anything directly; it is something that biologists have to do - to change the sexual energy that accumulates, to revitalize the body rather than being released from the body. Perhaps a scientific celibacy may help man’s life to be longer.

But remember, I am talking about scientific celibacy. It has nothing to do with religious celibacy - that is simply stupid. You cannot do anything with your biology; you don’t know anything about your biology or how it functions.

By the way, woman lives longer than man lives, is healthier than man, is more resistant to disease, does not go mad as easily as man, does not commit suicide so easily. The reason may be that her sexual energy is negative. The positive energy is the active force; the negative energy is the absorbing force.

Perhaps because of this negative, absorbing energy, she has a healthier body, is more resistant to disease, and lives longer. And if biology could manage to get her free from her monthly periods, she could live even longer and healthier. She could really become the stronger sex.

So the idea of sex and death arising together, simply shows that the sexual energy is accumulating - positive or negative. And negative energy can be accumulated longer.

In fact, I have been watching Jaina monks and nuns, who are perhaps the most sincere people in what they are doing.. It may be stupid, but their sincerity is beyond doubt. The nuns seem to take it quite easily, remaining celibate. But the monks get into tremendous difficulty - the same difficulty as Christian monks or any other monks.

Negative energy simply means it is more silent, waiting for the active energy so that it can absorb it. But it has no active force of its own. These are the reasons why I am against things like lesbianism. It is simply stupid - two negative energies trying to reach to some orgasmic peak. It is simply that either they are pretending, or what they are calling their orgasm is only clitoral, it is not vaginal. And clitoral orgasm is nothing compared to the vaginal orgasm. Clitoral orgasm is just a kind of foreplay. It can help to bring the vaginal orgasm, but it cannot replace it.

It is really very amazing that such an intimate thing as lovemaking has remained in darkness. I am making the statement - and this is for the first time in the whole of history that anyone has made this statement - that clitoral orgasm can be of immense help as foreplay; otherwise the psychologists have been at a loss as to what to make of it, because it has no biological function. To avoid the question, many psychologists even have denied that there is any vaginal orgasm, there is only clitoral orgasm.

Man’s orgasm is so quick that he cannot create the vaginal orgasm in that small period of time - a few seconds. But if clitoral orgasm is created just as foreplay, it is creating a situation for the vaginal orgasm to happen. It has already started: the clitoral orgasm has triggered the process in the body.

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