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Chapter 10: Meditation Has a Great Future

Since it was altogether a new experience for them, they were excited and curious about everything. A soft drink seller happened to pass by and they bought a bottle to try. They decided to share the drink between them and if they liked it, they would buy another one. One of them started drinking first. As he was half way through the drink, the train entered a tunnel. About this time his friend became anxious for his share of the drink, and he asked the other not to drink it all. His friend said, “For God’s sake, don’t touch it; it is poisonous! I have been struck blind by it!”

As the train entered the tunnel, it suddenly became dark, and the farmer thought that the drink had made him blind. So the nearest event - the drink - was taken to be the cause of the blindness. It is natural. What precedes an event is taken to be its causal factor.

Similarly, we don’t know the real source of our energy. And unless it is awakened, there is no way to know it. And we are not even aware that it can be available to us, and in what measure it can be available.

The awakened part of this sleeping energy, the kunda, is called the kundalini. The kunda itself is unconscious, it is asleep, but the kundalini is conscious and awake. Only the part of the energy which wakes up and comes out of the kunda is known as kundalini. Kundalini is not all of it; it is only a wave arising out of the pool.

So this journey is a twofold exploration. The kundalini, the awakened energy, brings you the news that there is a very great source hidden within you which has immense possibilities. A single ray of light from the sun opens the possibility of an infinite number of rays coming in its wake. So one way lies through awakening the kundalini, which will make you aware of the power of your body. And through the awakening of this energy you will arrive at those centers, those doors of your body, from where passage to the invisible end of the body, which we call the soul, becomes easy.

It is necessary to understand this clearly and fully, because whatsoever we do, it is really our energy that does it through some opening or center. For instance, our ears are such an opening, through which we hear. If your ears get a disease you will not be able to hear anything, because the energy will be blocked at the ears and will turn back to its source. And by and by the energy will stop going to the ears, because it only moves where it has a chance of being active. So the energy will no longer move to the ears.

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