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Chapter 8: Life Is beyond Your Control

That beauty can never be known by any concept, by any concept of beauty. It is something which cannot be labeled. All labeling corrupts, and all concepts become confinements, limitations. But you just watch.


I’ve assisted in this group and in others in the West, and I see such a difference here.

Here it is going to be totally different. The basic point is that I am here, and that is going to make a lot of difference.

Techniques don’t do much - they are just ways for you to become available to me, and me to you, mm? They are indirect ways. You can do the techniques in the West, but then they are only techniques, so whatsoever the technique can do will happen, but here it is going to be totally different.

I felt like I was in an insane asylum - and it was wonderful.because I’ve never allowed myself to be insane before, and everything was right there. My mind was saying no, but then it would go away, and everything was just crazy!

Very good. To be really sane one has to allow insanity. You have to be voluntarily insane if you want to remain sane, otherwise one day or other insanity explodes, and then you aren’t in control.

All these groups are voluntary insanity groups, mm? - Willingly, and not only willingly, you even have to pay for them! Yes, good, it has been good.


[The other group leader speaks last.] The group was good. I liked it, and I didn’t get so tired this time.

No, you will not be. Next time you will be perfectly okay, and then after that you will get energy out of the group.

In fact the group should give you energy. If you are fully there, loving and open, you will get energy, because so many people are releasing so much energy. One just needs to know how to use it, how to take it in. The group leader should really be ready to use even negative energy. After a few months I will start working on group leaders because the first thing to learn is how to use so much negative energy, because if you don’t use it, it can become heavy. It can be turned into positivity.

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