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Chapter 1: The New Alchemy: To Turn You On

And the third thing: in the techniques, in the meditation techniques bring your total energy. Halfhearted efforts won’t do. You will simply be wasting time and energy. A certain peak is needed, only then are you transformed into another dimension. Only after a peak. Just as when you heat water, at 100 degrees it evaporates. Even at 90 degrees it is just hot water, and if you leave it at that it will again cool down. The heat has been wasted; nothing has happened.

So bring your total energy to every technique that we are going to practice here. Only then will a certain degree be achieved, where you are no longer the old one. The old one will have disappeared, evaporated, and a new phenomenon will have come into being. So don’t withhold, don’t divide. Move totally. Bring your whole mind and body into it; don’t leave anything behind. And then I promise you that you will not leave here as you came. You will be a new man, resurrected. The unknown will have happened to you. It is certain, it is scientific - but you have to fulfill the conditions.

Tomorrow morning we will start the first meditation technique. It will be of four stages.

The first ten minutes: fast, chaotic breathing - forgetting yourself completely, as if you have become just the breathing process.

Second: for ten minutes, catharsis, acting out your emotions. Whatsoever is hidden and suppressed has to be brought out, thrown out - screaming, weeping, crying. Whatsoever happens, allow it to come out, help it to come out. Act it out completely, it is an unburdening.

In the third ten-minute step we will be using a mantra, hoo. You have to use this mantra hoo as forcibly, as strongly, for as long as possible. This is going to hammer your inner energy.

The energy lies just near the sex center. This hoo penetrates to the very sex center, hammers the energy, and the energy starts moving upward; when it starts moving upward it is called kundalini. When the energy moves downward it becomes sexual. The same energy, when it moves upward, becomes spiritual. The energy is the same, only the dimension is different.

After these three steps the fourth will be of total silence.