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Chapter 11: Free and Alive

Mm, they are there. So do one thing: when it becomes too much, too unbearable, just close the room and dance a wild dance; just for five minutes so the energy can move easily. Just close your eyes, relax the body, and say to the infinite energy, “Take possession and move me, howsoever you want.” Your hands will come up and you will start moving; cooperate with that movement. Suddenly you will feel you are in the grip of something greater than you; you will be possessed. You will see that you are not doing it. It is as if you are a puppet, and some unknown energy is dancing through you.

In Indonesia they call it latihan, and it is one of the most beautiful methods of meditation. Just allow yourself to be possessed and the movements come by themselves. Nobody knows what shape they will take, and you are not to manipulate anything on your own. Just for five, ten minutes, and then you will feel the energy has settled, the heat has gone, and you are feeling completely relaxed.

So whenever you feel, do this. Soon you will really laugh, and then you will know what laughter is.

Has your wife come?

[she comes forward] I have a question. Will meditation disturb family life?

Not at all. You cannot have a real family life without meditation, you cannot really love without meditation.but in the old days it did disturb - because all those conceptions were wrong.

I am not life negating. I am absolutely affirmative. Whatsoever one is, one is not to escape from anywhere - family, responsibility, work - from nowhere; rather one has to go deeper into it. So don’t be worried about that. About my sannyasins there is no problem at all.

But in India the old conception is that if somebody becomes a sannyasin then the family life is going to be disturbed. In fact there is no family life ordinarily, just pretensions. People go on managing somehow, dragging. Once one starts feeling really blissful there is a possibility to share that bliss with somebody else - with the wife, the husband, the children. Then love takes on a totally different quality. Then it is not a duty.it is an overflowing of energy, a sharing. It is a simple gift, unconditional, with no strings attached - and there is a great difference.

He can love you because he married you; because you are his wife, it is his duty to love you. That’s one thing, and very superficial. Duty is a dirty word. He is fulfilling a social obligation - one has to do it, so one does it. But when he really becomes silent and happy inside then he wants to share. Then he does not love you because you are his wife. He simply loves you - it is not of any because. He simply loves you because he has so much to give, and he will be grateful to you because you have accepted. He is not obliging you. In fact whosoever accepts his gift of love is obliging him.

Then love is almost like prayer. It is not a question of husband and wife but of two beings, pure beings, in deep communion. I am not against anything, I am for everything, but things have to be transformed. So don’t be afraid. Help him. And you also start meditating a little - follow him.

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