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Chapter 13: The Awakening of Kundalini Energy

So sometimes it happens that such a situation can arise within you in which the unlimited energy of grace can descend unknowingly on you, but its effect can be destructive, or even fatal if you are not ready. You have been caught unawares so the event can turn into a disaster. Yes, grace can also become harmful and destructive.

In the case of shaktipat the chances of an accident are very few, almost nil, because there is a person who is functioning as a medium, as a vehicle. Passing through a medium the energy becomes gentle and mild, and the medium can also regulate the intensity of the energy. He can allow only that amount of energy to flow into you which you can hold. But remember, the medium is only a vehicle and not the source of this energy.

So if a person says that he is doing shaktipat, that he is doing the transmission of energy, then he is wrong. It would be just like the bulb declaring that it is the giver of light. Because the light is always emitted through the bulb, the bulb may be under the delusion that it is the creator of light. This is not so. It is not the primal source of light but merely a medium for its manifestation. So a person who declares that he can perform shaktipat is under the same illusion as the bulb.

The energy that is transmitted is always the energy of the divine. But if a person becomes a medium, then we can call it shaktipat. If there is no medium and this energy descends suddenly it can be harmful. But if a man has waited long enough, if a man has meditated with infinite patience, then shaktipat too can happen in the form of grace. Then there will be no medium, but then there will be no mishap. His infinite waiting, his boundless patience, his unwavering devotion, his everlasting resolve, develop his ability to allow the infinite. Then there will be no mishap. Then the happening can take place both ways - with or without a medium. But in the absence of a medium he will not feel it as shaktipat but as grace from the beyond.

So there are similarities as well as differences between the two. I am in favor of grace as far as it is possible; as far as possible there should not be a medium. But in certain cases this is possible and in certain cases it is not possible. So for those people, instead of wandering for endless lives, some person can be made a medium to bring the divine energy down to them. Only that person can be a medium, however, who is no longer an individual ego. Then the hazard is almost nil, because while becoming the medium such a person does not become a guru - there is no person left to become a guru. Understand this difference well.

When a person becomes a guru he becomes a guru in reference to you; when a person becomes a medium he does so in relationship to the universal being; then he has nothing to do with you. Do you understand the difference?

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