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Chapter 4: Kundalini Yoga: Returning to the Roots

Life and death are only two states of energy. Life means energy functioning; death means non-functioning. Life means energy awake; death means energy gone again into sleep. So according to kundalini yoga, ordinarily you are partially alive. The part of your energies which has become actualized is your life. And a very minute part is alive. The remaining is just as if it is not.

So it can be tapped and there are so many methods through which kundalini yoga tries to make the potential actual. For example, pranayama. It is one of the methods to hammer the asleep energy. Through breath, hammering is possible, because breathing is the bridge between your élan vital - your prana, your original source of vitality - and your actual existence. Between the potential and the actual, breath is the bridge.

The moment you change your breathing system, your total energy system is changed. When you are asleep your breathing changes. When you are awake your breathing changes. When you are in anger your breathing is different, when you are in love your breathing is different, when you are in a sexual passion then your breathing is quite different, because in every state of mind you require different quantities of life force, so your breathing changes.

When you are in anger you require more energy toward the periphery. From the center toward the periphery you require more energy. You are in danger, or you are to attack or you are to defend - more energy is needed on the boundaries so the center will rush with the energy.

That’s why in anger you begin to tremble. Your eyes go red. Your blood pressure will rise, and your breathing will be as.as to be helpful to the energy to move toward the periphery. When you are in sexual passion, you need energy, more energy toward the periphery. That’s why after a sexual act you feel exhausted, because you have thrown a great quantity of energy from your body - an unusual quantity.

After anger you will also feel exhausted. But after a loving moment you will never feel exhausted; you will feel refreshed. After being prayerful, you will feel refreshed. Why? Why has the contrary happened? When you are in a loving moment, no energy is needed on the periphery because there is no question of attack, defense. There is no insecurity, there is no danger. You are at ease, relaxed, so the energy flows inward. When energy flows inward you feel refreshed.

After a deep sleep you feel refreshed, because energy flows inward. Whenever energy flows inward you feel.you feel vitalized, you feel fulfilled. You feel a well-being.

And another thing to be noted: whenever energy is going inward, your breath will have a quite different quality. It will be relaxed, settled, rhythmic, harmonious. And there will be moments when you will not feel it at all. There will be moments when you will feel as if it has stopped. It becomes so subtle, because energy is not needed so the bridge is dropped. The flow is not needed so the instrument is dropped.

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