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Chapter 6: The Physical and Energy Bodies

Christians have no record of his first thirty years. The whole story about Jesus covers only about three years, and that too the three years before his death. Where was he for the rest of the time? There is one mention of his seventh year, when he was only seven years old, and then again when he was thirty. Nobody knows about the other twenty-three years when he was away from the crowd. These twenty-three years were for the growth of his energy body, of his vital energy.

We will talk about the third body during the night session.

Now let us do some work.

When I tell you to breathe deeply and fast, deep and fast breathing, I am trying to activate your energy body. Don’t be a miser, put your total energy into it. When I tell you to go mad and to throw everything out that is being suppressed inside, it is for your purification - throw it out! When I tell you to do the “Hoo, Hoo,” it is in order to hit your energy body.

Let us enter into the experiment. Spread out and stand far apart. Nothing less than madness will do. Put your intellect aside. Anyway you don’t have much intellect, so it shouldn’t be a problem! Nothing less than madness will do.