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Chapter 21: Attention Is Invisible Nourishment

I once lived with a friend for a few days. He had a small son so full of energy, that it was impossible to talk. He was jumping into everything, throwing things, putting on the radio. My friend said: “What to do with this boy? He is so full of energy..”

I said, “Don’t be worried.” I told the boy, “You just go around the house as many times as you can. Then you can ask for any reward, and I will give it to you.”

He said, “Promise?”

I said, “Promise.” He could go only seven times around the house and then he was flat on the ground.

I said, “What are you doing?”

He said, “Finished!”

I said, “What about your reward?”

He said, “I will think later on. Right now, don’t disturb me.”

His father said, “Strange.I have been telling him continually, not to disturb me! It is the first time he has said ‘don’t disturb me!’”

I said, “He has gone into meditation!”

You will also go into meditation. Everybody who is here is going to go into meditation, but first, jog and jump as high as you can; let your heart bounce.and don’t be worried: when the energy is moving high, you cannot relax.

Many people asked me about the fact that they cannot sleep - and they have tried all kinds of methods: mantras, chanting, listening to music, but nothing helps.

I said, “These things won’t help. You just go for two or three miles of jogging and jumping.”

They said, “What? That will make us even more awake.”

I said, “You don’t understand the dialectics of life: after three miles you will find it is difficult to reach back home; you will start feeling so sleepy and so tired. So don’t be worried: I will come with my car and I will pick you up; but I will pick you up only when I see that you are absolutely unable to reach home by walking. You will fall fast asleep anywhere on the street - in deep meditation.”

You are new here. Just it will take a little time, but soon you will find that every day meditation becomes easier and easier. The energy just has to be exhausted. With so much energy, trying to meditate is just doing something which is impossible. So the clue is simple: allow this energy to have its dance - because when it is gone, then you will ask me, “Now, how to dance, how to sing?”

So while it is there, use it creatively. Meditation can wait a little. And here nobody will think you crazy, because there are far crazier people - you are just a beginner.

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