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Chapter 17: The Deathless One

All your energy is accumulated at the sex center and this energy usually flows only downwards, into sex. This flow of energy has to be re-directed. There are two opposite directions for the flow of energy: one is towards the head which we call sahasrar, and the sex center which we call the muladhar. These are the two poles. The energy is accumulated at the muladhar: it has to rise to the sahasrar and the channel through which it will travel upwards is called the sushumna-nadi. The energy will rise up higher and higher. This rising of energy is very scientific. When the energy begins to rise the personality, the appearance and the behavior of a person will start to change. The personality will change according to where the energy is located.

For example, a small child does not know anything about sex. Sexualenergy is hidden in him but the sex center has not yet become active. As he becomes sexually mature the sex center will become active and his whole mind, his personality, his behavior will be full of sexuality. He will be constantly obsessed with sex; thinking, waking or sleeping, he will be surrounded by sexual desire. His only interest will be in sex. What has happened? - suddenly, such a great change in the personality!

This is why children become very restless and troubled between the ages of fourteen and eighteen. They themselves don’t understand what is going on with them. This period is a very restless one. They cannot talk about it to anyone and nobody explains anything to them. So many changes are happening in them and their minds are so much obsessed with sex that they cannot even think of anything else. All this happens because the sex center is becoming active.

The moment the sahasrar becomes active a similar phenomenon again happens: the person becomes full of the divine in the same way as he had become full of sex when the sex center became active. When the energy reaches the sahasrar one starts seeing only the divine in everything. Nature rules you at the sex center and the divine possesses you at the sahasrar center. The question is, how can this energy rise up to the sahasrar?

The first thing is that whenever the sex urge arises, with your eyes closed, contract the sex organ upwards. When you feel the energy is moving downwards towards sex, contract the sex organ upwards and imagine only one thing: that the energy which was affecting the sex center is now rising upwards. You will be surprised to see that after experimenting for a few days whenever the urge for sex arises, if in that moment you contract the sex organ totally upwards, the sex center will become empty of energy. You will find that a hot energy has started rising upwards through your spine; it will be a clear experience of heat flowing upwards. Sometimes the heat is so obvious that if another person touches your spine he will feel that some fire is moving upwards in you.

This is the usefulness of shirshasana, the headstand posture: whenever the sex urge arises you can contract the sex organ inwards and upwards and stand on your head. Then it will be easier for the sex energy to move to the sahasrar. It is natural for any energy to flow downwards, just as water naturally flows downwards. If you are in the shirshasana posture and you pull the energy upwards the energy will start flowing towards the head.

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