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Chapter 16: Beyond the Sin of Unconsciousness

Create any mood. but there is no need because the whole day moods are there. Use any mood to meditate. Then you have forgotten the other completely, and you are not suppressing anything. You are just moving down with some energy which has come up. Every energy comes from the source, so right now the path is warm and you can use that path to go back. And the moment you reach to the original source, the energy will subside into the original source. It is not suppression: the energy has gone back to the original source. And when you become capable of reuniting your energy with your original source, you have become the master of your body, your mind, your energy. You have become the master. Now you will not dissipate your energy.

Once you can know how the energy falls back with you to the center, there is no need of any suppression and there is no need of any expression. Right now you are not angry. I say something - you become angry. From where is this energy coming? A moment before you were not angry, but the energy was in you. If this energy can fall back again to the source, you will again be the same as you were a moment before.

Remember this: energy is neither anger nor love nor hate. Energy is simply energy - neutral. The same energy becomes anger; the same energy becomes sex; the same energy becomes love; the same energy becomes hate. These are all forms of the same energy. You give the form, your mind gives the form, and the energy moves into it.

So remember, if you love deeply you will not have much energy to be angry. If you do not love at all, then you will have much energy to be angry, and you will go on finding situations in which to be angry. If your energy is expressed through sex, you will be less violent. If your energy is not expressed through sex, you will be more violent. That is why militaries will never allow sexual relationships for the soldiers. If it is allowed, the militaries will become absolutely impotent to fight.

That is why, whenever civilization comes to a peak, it cannot fight. So always, more cultured and more civilized societies are overrun and defeated by lesser civilizations - always, because a more developed society cares about its individuals’ every need, and sex is included. So when a society is really established, affluent, everybody’s sexual need is fulfilled - but when the sexual need is fulfilled you cannot fight. You can fight very easily if the sexual need is not fulfilled. So if you want a world of peace, more freedom for sex will be needed. If you want a world of warring, fighting, then deny sex, suppress sex, create anti-sex attitudes.

This is a very paradoxical thing: the so-called saints and sages go on talking about peace, and they go on talking against sex also. They go on creating an anti-sex atmosphere, and at the same time they go on saying that the world needs peace, not war. This is absurd. Hippies are more correct; their slogan is right: “Make love, do not make war.” That is right. If you can make love more, really you cannot make war.

That is why the so-called sannyasins who have suppressed sex will always be violent, angry about nothing: just angry, just violent, bubbling, waiting to explode. Their whole energy is unexpressed. Unless the energy falls down to the source, no brahmacharya, no real celibacy is possible. You can suppress sex - then it will become violence. If the sex energy moves down to the center, you will be just like a child.

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