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Chapter 15: The Sweet Taste of Corruption

Now all those Christians and Jews are having meetings. Just two or three days ago I received a printed invitation card which must have been distributed in some big church somewhere in Oregon: they are going to have my discourses every Sunday.

Why, when I am here? And these discourses will be discussed by the priest, by the bishop, argued against; it will be said that these are all anti-religious ideas, that this man is a heretic.

Why not come here? If you want to call me a heretic, come here and call me a heretic. In fact I love the word. I enjoy being called a heretic because only very rare human beings have been called heretics. To be orthodox is nothing; to be a heretic needs guts. Come here and say, “You are corrupting people.” That will give me a chance to corrupt you too.

In fact in my whole life I have not met a single man whom I have not corrupted; whether he knows it or not, that is a different matter. I know if perfectly, that he is corrupted; he will never be the same again. Even those who have left me for this reason or that reason, do you know their situation? They cannot mix in society. I have corrupted them so much they cannot mix in the society.

They cannot come back here because they have been telling lies against me, now how to face me? So a rare thing is happening: in Santa Fe all those fools are gathering together. They have left me. What kind of departure is this? - they are still together! They are my people; they cannot mix anywhere. Now they are gathering together in one place, and they are continually talking about me, against me. That does not matter.

Whether you talk for me or against me, you have to talk about me. They cannot forget me. And when you are talking about me, even if you are talking against me, you have not left me yet. I am still very much alive in you. In fact you are talking against me just to get rid of me but you cannot get rid of me. The more you talk against me, the deeper I will be going in you.

It is impossible to come in contact with a man who has experienced truth and to go away without being touched this way or that, for or against.

When I will be leaving this world I can promise you one thing - I will leave this world divided into people who are for me and people who are against me, but there will not be a third kind. And these both are corrupted by me.

Those who are in favor of me have used the opportunity for growth.

Those who are against me missed the train.