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Chapter 21: Totality Transforms Quality


It was very good. There have been a lot of tears.

That’s very good. People have almost lost the dimension of tears. They allow tears only when they are very much in deep pain or suffering. They have forgotten that tears can also be of happiness, tremendous delight, of celebration.

Tears have nothing to do with suffering or happiness. Tears have something to do with anything that is too much inside and wants to overflow. It may be happiness, it may be unhappiness. Anything that is too intensely there, unbearably there, overflows; the cup is too full. The tears come out of too much-ness. So enjoy them.

The whole world has to learn again the beauty of crying and weeping and tears, because if you cannot celebrate through tears it means you never overflow with happiness. It means you only overflow when you suffer, when you are in deep pain. The logic is simple. It means that you have lost the dimension of happiness - being so happy that you come to a point where the cup is overflowing.

Very good. Allow it and enjoy it.


I feel so confused. The group seems to have broken my whole life into little pieces.

Very good. They have done well! But they have not done it yet completely, otherwise you would not have been confused. Still a few walls are standing, a few rooms are still intact; the building has not yet been demolished completely. Once demolished, all confusion disappears.

This has to be understood: that you can be recreated only one way, and that is that you are completely destroyed first. I don’t believe in renovation. First you have to be killed.

I feel well on the way towards that.

Yes, you are. I am almost a butcher.

I seem to have gone through so much pain in this group. I cried for the first time in seven years.

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