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Chapter 19: God Is Not a Utility

The type: even at the moment of death he knows only one way to behave in a church, to collect money. At the last moment money still remains the focus. This is the first thing to be understood, then you will be able to understand these sentences.

The second thing: in this parable Jesus says God’s invitation is always there. Many times he comes and knocks, or his messenger comes and knocks, at your door. He invites you to come for a dinner, but you are always busy and you cannot go. You want to be excused.

Think about yourself: if a messenger comes and invites you, are you ready to go? You have so many things to do and finish first; and you will never be able to finish them, because there is no end to them. The invitation is rejected. You say, “I would have come, I would have liked to come.” But these are all false things. Why can’t you accept the invitation? - because more important things are to be done: there is a marriage and you have to go because it is a business relationship; or you have purchased land and you have to go and collect the rent; or something else. God is always the last item on the list of a businessman, and he never gets to the last item; before that, death comes.

Godliness is the most useless phenomenon. People come to me and they ask, “Why meditate? What will we achieve out of it?” They are asking, “What profit? What are we going to achieve out of it?” And if I say, “Nothing,” they simply cannot understand. Why are people coming to me? To learn nothing? To attain nothing? The businessman needs something visible, tangible. If he meditates and money starts falling on him, then it is worthwhile; if he meditates and he becomes successful in the world, then it is worthwhile; if he meditates and an illness disappears from the body, then it is worthwhile.

But if you say, “Nothing,” or “God” - which means the same, just the words differ, because God is nothing - if you use your measurements that you use in this world, what is God? You cannot categorize him. Where will you put him? In what category? How will you label him? And how will you decide the price? He is nothing, he does not belong to this world. In what way can you use him? You cannot use him because God is not a utility, he is an ecstasy.

An ecstasy cannot be used. You can enjoy it but you cannot use it. What is the difference between enjoying and using? You look at a tree, at the green, the sun rising; you enjoy it but you cannot sell it. You look at a flower, you enjoy it. But the businessman will pluck the flower and go and sell it in the market. You cannot pluck God and go and sell him in the market. You have tried; that’s why temples, mosques, gurudwaras, churches exist. This is how the businessman has behaved with God: he has tried to sell him also and earn something out of it. It is a great business.

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