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Chapter 6: Strive to No Goals

When Mulla Nasruddin became a hundred years old I asked him, “Nasruddin, what is the secret of your long life?”

He said, “Wait! Within seven days everything will be settled, then I can say.”

I asked, “What is the matter? What is to be settled?”

He said, “Many companies are after me, so my lawyer is settling things - which vitamin helped, which food. Right now I don’t know, but it will be settled within a week and then everybody will know.”

Ideas are beautiful in themselves; nothing is wrong. Everything is good if it is in its right place, everything becomes wrong if it is put in a wrong place - then it never fits.

And that is the matter with you: everything is wrong. When you make love, the mind comes in. When you meditate, the sex comes in. When you eat, the mind comes in. When you go to sleep, the food comes in. All centers are mixed, in a chaos.

Let every center be pure, and let every center function in its own right, in its own time. It has its own time and its mood and its season: don’t allow it to move into others.

And start from the mind because that is the great disturber, the great noise-creator, and it moves in everybody’s territory, and it wants to dominate everything. Remove that domination. Every sense should be pure and enjoyed in its own right. There is no need for the mind to come in.

Then when you enjoy mind, no center will interfere. Then it will not be a problem, because all other centers are innocent. Your mind is cunning - and you listen to the cunning one, and you never listen to the innocent senses. Mind is clever, calculating. All other senses are just innocent and they cannot fight with the mind because mind is a great politician, and those senses are simple people. Sex is simple and mind goes on condemning. The sex center cannot do anything else than this, that the energy moves into wrong channels.

Enjoy every sense in its own right, and when you are enjoying it, become it - so no energy is left to move anywhere else, the whole energy moves into it. There is no mind at that time, no body at that time; you become the sex energy. When you are hungry become the hunger, and eat as if every cell of your body is hungry and absorbing the food, and let it enjoy.

And when you want to think, then sit under a tree, close your eyes - enjoy thoughts. Nothing is wrong with thoughts. Enjoy them as a flowering, a beautiful flowering, a great poetry in its own right. Then a clarity comes, then your waters are not murky, then the mud settles and you can see through things.

If you wish to move in the one way
do not dislike even the world of senses and ideas.
Indeed, to accept them fully
is identical with true enlightenment.