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Chapter 1: The End of Heroes

Yes, I am the New Man and I am preparing the way for you to become the New Man. That’s why I go on insisting that you keep yourself intelligent, meditative, silent. Keep yourself alert, aware. Change every stone on the path into a stepping-stone. Don’t think, “Now the stone is blocking the way.” No stone blocks the way. You just have to know that every stone can be turned into a stepping-stone.

Just now you have passed through a fascist, poisonous time. Those who can make it a stepping-stone will be grateful for it. There is no need to be afraid, to be worried, to be frustrated that it happened. Rather than wasting time over why it happened, use the energy to make it a stepping-stone to go higher. As I see it, the commune looks purer. It looks fresh. People look unburdened. These are good signs. A few people look angry that they have been deceived; that is stupidity. Now, what has happened has happened. Anger is wasting your energy; that is hitting your head against the stone. That is not going to help. A few people look as if they are lost, because they had become dependent on a fascist kind of order. They needed the order, they needed moms, and they look like helpless children whose moms are lost.

This is a good opportunity. The moms have escaped. It is time that you become independent. Drop this childish helplessness. Take responsibility and prove that independently you can do better than under a repressive regime, that you can be more creative if you are not being humiliated, dragged, forced to do something. But a few people are feeling helpless because unless somebody is on their neck, continuously nagging them, they cannot work. They have become addicted to nagging just as people become addicted to smoking.

I know people whose wives are nothing but a pain in the neck. They know, and they have been telling horrible stories to me about their wives, and when their wives go for a few days to their parents’ house, just within two or three days that man completely forgets all the horribleness of the woman’s nagging and everything, and he starts hankering that she should come back. I was puzzled. I have seen many friends in the same position, in the same vicious circle, and I have asked them, “What happens to you? You are left free, now enjoy! Before you were saying you could not enjoy because the wife was so horrible, it was impossible to enjoy. Now why are you looking sad?” And they will say, “We feel very much alone. Something is missing. Without the wife, the house seems to be horrible.”

I said, “This is great! With the wife it was horrible; without the wife it is horrible. Then what do you want?”

They have become dependent. The wife was not only nagging them, she was taking care of them also. They don’t know where their shoes are, they don’t know. I know people who don’t know how to put on their necktie. Only the wife knows, because she has been doing it. Everything is in a mess. They have completely forgotten what pain she was giving them, and now they remember only the best part.

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