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Chapter 31: Democracy Means Mediocracy

I have heard.two small children, six and seven years old, were standing by the side of a Catholic monastery. A few monks were passing by.

The little child asked the older one, “I wonder, what is the difference between a man and a monk?”

The older one said, “I know the difference, but I don’t understand the meaning. I have asked older boys. They said that the difference is that the monks use their ding-dong only for pissing.”

The younger boy said, “I don’t understand.. That means we are also monks, because we also use our ding-dong only for pissing! What else to do with it?”

But remember, ding-dong is two words. Ding is pissing - and dong you have understood!

You cannot escape from dong, and there is no need; it is perfectly natural, human. Enjoy both: ding, and dong too!