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Chapter 27: Existence Is Never Wrong

Questions from friends.

I feel very grateful towards you. Since I took sannyas, my life has changed and I have started to enjoy myself. But there is still the doer in me. I would like to produce more beautiful books, especially on you. It is still difficult for me to combine business and meditation. Can you please comment on this?

Don’t try to combine them. Let business be business, and meditation be meditation. One day you will wake up immensely overjoyed that they have mixed. You cannot do it; you can only wait, you have just to be patient.

Go on doing your business, go on doing your meditation, and don’t even expect.when is it going to happen? It will happen whenever the time is right. Then they will start overlapping each other. Soon they will get mixed up, and then your business becomes your meditation, your meditation becomes your business.

That is the time when people will start laughing at you - because they cannot conceive of business and meditation becoming one. They are one in me.

I was for nine years teaching in the university, and this was the problem - finally I had to resign because my teaching became more and more meditative; it became deeper and deeper, less and less concerned with the examinations, the syllabus. My vice-chancellor became worried. He said, “I have been to your class. It is beautiful to listen to you. You have put your whole heart into dead words and they have again become alive, but this is a university and these students have to appear in the examinations. They will be at a loss; they will not know what to write. They are enjoying you as they have never enjoyed any other teacher.”

I had only ten students, but my class.the vice-chancellor had to give me special permission for a bigger class because two hundred students were attending who were not my students. The other teachers were angry because the students should be in their classes and they were in my class. They told me, “This is not right.”

I said, “You don’t be bothered. You can also come” - and in fact a few teachers started coming.

When complaints reached to the vice-chancellor I invited him, “You can come, and if you find any fault you can tell me.”

He said, “There is no fault. As far as you are concerned, everything is perfectly good. The trouble is with us - that the syllabus has to be completed. The examination is coming close, the students have to be prepared for it. You have taken the burden off their minds, the tension off their minds; they are so relaxed and so much enjoying the moment.then who is going to do the examinations?”

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