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Chapter 40: Sudden Enlightenment and Its Obstacles

But that primal scream is not going to come suddenly. You will have to help it. It is so deep down, and there are so many layers of repression, that don’t just wait: help it. When you want to cry, cry wholeheartedly! Give total energy to it and enjoy it. Help it. And the second thing - enjoy it, because if you are not enjoying what you are doing it cannot go deep. It will be superficial. If you are screaming, then enjoy it. Enjoy the very thing; feel good. If you are feeling somewhere that “What I am doing is not good; what will others say? What a childish thing I am doing,” even a slight feeling like this will become repression. Enjoy it and be playful about it. Enjoy and be playful. Just inquire more and more whether it can become deeper, whether you can help it along more - in what ways you can help it along more.

If you are sitting and crying, then maybe if you start jumping the cry will become deeper. Or if you lie down on the floor and start thrashing about maybe it will become deeper. Try, help it along, and enjoy it - and you will feel there are many ways in which you can help it along. Enjoy trying to deepen it, and once it takes over then you will not be needed. Once it comes to the right source where energy is hidden, once you touch the right source and the energy is released, then you are not needed. You can flow automatically, spontaneously. And when it starts flowing spontaneously, you will be cleansed completely.

It is just like flowers being cleansed after a rain. Then they become new. Every bit of dust, whatsoever has gathered upon one, is no more there; they are themselves. In life we gather dust. This catharsis is just a cleansing. Help it along, enjoy it and one day the primal scream will come. Just go on doing it. It cannot be predicted when it will come. When the primal scream will come cannot be said because man is very complex. It can come this very moment; it may take years. One thing is certain: if you help it, enjoy it and play with it, it is going to come.