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Chapter 9: The Uncorrupted Presence

Death exists only with identification. If you are identified with the body you will die, because the body is not you. It has to be left some day, you cannot remain in it forever and forever - it is a passing phase. It is just a milestone, not the goal. You can rest a little while under the shade of a tree but one has to go.

You can get identified with the emotions but then there will be death, and you know it. The body dies once in seventy years, emotions die every day, every moment. You love a person and then there is death; you don’t love, the mood has gone - you feel a subtle death happening. You were friendly with a person, now the friendliness has disappeared - a death. Every moment you die in your emotions, and thoughts are even faster in dying. You cannot keep a single thought for a few seconds in your mind; it is trying to escape. Try! Just try to keep one single thought for a few minutes.it will not be there, it is already gone - it is trying to escape.

Mind is dying continuously every moment, the heart is dying continuously every hour, the body is also dying continuously but a continuity remains for seventy, eighty years. These three are the identifications.

The fourth consciousness arises when you are not identified. One thing more about this..

There are four ways to reach God. One is to make an effort through the body to reach; that’s what hatha yogis have been doing. It is not a true way. Something can be achieved through it because finally the body also belongs to God, but it is not your totality. Gurdjieff has called this “the way of the fakir.”

You can see in India many fakirs and you may be impressed also by their attainments; they attain to certain powers. For example, you can come across a fakir who has been standing for ten, twenty years continuously. He has never allowed his body to rest, to sit down or to sleep. He has been standing. Even if he has to sleep, he sleeps standing. Now his body has become almost rigid, paralyzed. Now it cannot move, the flexibility is lost. But you will see certain powers in him because he has attained to a very lower kind of will.

To stand for ten years continuously needs will. Just try for ten days then you will know, just try for ten hours and you will know, just try for ten minutes - not moving, just standing - and you will know that. A thousand and one problems arise and the mind says, “What are you doing? Drop this whole nonsense! Everybody is enjoying and what are you doing - just standing like a fool?”

Ten years not moving, a certain.of course, a very lower kind of will - concerned with the body, very materialistic - but a will arises. The man attains to a certain crystallization, he can do a few things. He can heal, he can touch your body and a healing power will be possible to flow towards you through his body. He can bless, he can curse, and whatsoever he says will come to pass, because a man who has remained ten years standing has attained to an intensity. If he says something, those words become very potential and powerful, atomic; they carry energy.

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